Greg Meissen, PhD

I bring lots of optimism and experience to coaching that allows me to tap the wisdom, strengths and experiences of individuals, teams and organizations.  My positive partnership approach allows the best in people to drive progress and reach aspirations more powerfully and more rapidly.  The optimism comes from seeing the success that coaching brings through a leadership framework that focuses on capacity building and sustainability and by linking the growth of individual leadership to organizational goals.  The experience comes from 25 years of working closely with numerous businesses, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations at all levels in good and tough times.

Greg is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of the Community Psychology Doctoral program at Wichita State University where he taught community psychology, leadership and organizational development. In 1985 he founded the Self-Help Network which has grown into the WSU Community Engagement Institute where he served as Director until 2008.  He has also had faculty appointments at the Harvard School of Medicine and Boston University and served on the Surgeon General’s Council.

I enjoy life and try to never miss a rigorous and conversation filled every morning walk with my wife nor pass up an opportunity to be with my children and grandkids.  Being outdoors is good for me.  I love good coffee, good books, good people and being a partner coach with those good people.

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