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Ad Astra Coach Alliance Partners


Catalyzing human energy to transform the world.


Partnering with people and organizations to create a culture that inspires innovation, effectiveness, and compassionate accountability – motivating everyone to bring their best to work.

Ad Astra Coach Alliance is a group of professional coaches dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations to be more productive, profitable and innovative.

We partner with individuals and organizations that believe employees who come to work feeling energized, engaged and fulfilled will give more, give better and will work more effectively with others.  Experience tells us that people are more capable of transforming themselves and their organizations when they are in environments that support them as individuals, with managers and supervisors that openly care about their development, their careers and their lives.

To do this, we believe in coaching as a premier strategy.  Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client (an individual, group or team) that is thought-provoking and creative, and that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential.

We support individuals and organizations through multiple coaching strategies that include services directly offered through a team of leadership coaches and to large and small scale culture change initiatives that employ multiple strategies to create a coaching culture.  Primary strategies to create a coaching culture include the development of peer coaching circles and providing coaching skills training, practice and support to managers and supervisors so that they can approach their employees more effectively.

Because we have a team of coaches with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, we customize all services and offer a team that best fits your needs.  Our team will meet with you to understand your hopes and aspirations, your current reality and will create a plan in partnership with you that best supports what you hope to accomplish.

We encourage you to check out the members of our team here: Coach Bios