Direct Services:  All offered by one or more of our trained and experienced coaches.  We offer these as stand-alone services to any individual or team looking to increase their leadership capacity in any setting.  We also offer these services specifically within organizations looking to create larger scale change.

Individual Coaching:  This is one-on-one support for anyone who is looking to increase their leadership capacity and effectiveness.  Coaching is confidential so leaders can get real about their opportunities and obstacles with someone who can support and challenge them.

Team Coaching:  This is support for high-leverage teams.  Teams may be Boards of Directors, community teams, cross-stakeholder collaborative teams, or teams within an organization.  In team coaching, the team’s effectiveness is the primary concern, and the coach will support and challenge the team to meet its collective purpose.

Creating an Organizational Culture of Coaching:  After meeting with key organizational leaders, our team will help your organization create a plan to create a coaching culture.  This plan will look different for every organization and may include multiple interventions (including individual and/or team coaching listed above).  Below are two primary strategies to create a coaching culture:

Peer Coaching Circles:  Peer coaching circles are groups of 5-7 individuals who come together to work on real-world challenges because working on real-world challenges is one way adults learn best.  Circles can be structured in many ways, but the primary benefits are that everyone gets focused time at every circle session, everyone learns and practices coaching skills, and the individuals create a network of support that often endures beyond the circle’s end.

Coaching Skills Training, Practice and Support for Managers and Supervisors:  Research shows that the #1 reason employees leave their place of employment is because of a bad relationship with a supervisor.  We train managers and supervisors to utilize coaching skills in their supervision of employees, which has multiple benefits.  Results include employees coming up with their own ideas for addressing challenges, creating more buy-in and engagement on behalf of the supervisee; employees feeling like their manager or supervisor cares about them because they are truly listening; focused learning about strategies that work and those that don’t; accountability; and increased capacity for the long-term.  Not only do we train supervisors and managers to use coaching skills like presence, deep listening, asking more powerful questions, and creating accountability, we also build in time for practice and support as the new skills become second nature.