The STAR Coaching Model is a creation of the Ad Astra Coach Alliance

As a group of coaches who came together in the great state of Kansas, we looked to our state motto for inspiration.  A Latin phrase, Ad Astra per Aspera translates to To the Stars with Difficulty.  In keeping with our name, the star became a perfect symbol for our Ad Astra STAR Coaching Model.

On a larger scale the star represents transformation and infinite possibilities.  On a smaller scale it also implies that once in a while, we need to slow down and spend time “gazing” from our current location so that we understand our position with more clarity. 

That is exactly what a coaching conversation does for us.  With your coach as a trusted partner, it gives you a safe and confidential space to examine your opportunities and challenges from multiple angles, to understand how you are contributing to the situation, and then to determine the best path(s) forward. 

The Ad Astra Coaches have over 90 years of combined experience, and the STAR Coaching Model represents our best collective thinking about coaching.  At its core it is designed to simply showcase the flow of a coaching conversation—it is designed not to be a step-by-step process, but rather dynamic and evolutionary one.

Core principles of the STAR Model:

  • Challenge and discomfort are required for growth and transformation.
  • Our thinking about the opportunities we have or the challenges we face evolve over time.
  • Our ability to change and grow is only as good as the action we take.
  • Action requires commitment and solid accountability structures.
  • Once we take action, we learn something. That new learning will help us know what to do (or not do) next time.  We need space to process and articulate our learning out loud.

For more information about the Ad Astra STAR Coaching Model, listen to Episode 15 of the Bad Ass Coaching Podcast.